Stooges Rules


The Stooges Fantasy Football league is a 14 team non-keeper league that is performance based and uses a decimal scoring system. There are no divisions in the Stooges League. The cost of the league is $100 per year per team. All money is paid back each year. The Stooges league utilizes an auction draft each year to draft its players. This format gives every team in the league the opportunity to acquire the players that they want. Each team has a 15 player roster and plays a 13 week regular season, playing each team once. At the end of the regular the top 8 teams in the league compete in the Stooges League Playoffs.  Teams in the league use a flexible roster for RB’s/WR’/TE’s and a SuperFlex, with a maximum of 3 QB’s on your roster. The entire league is very flexible in terms of the positions that you have and the type of team that you want to build. It is up to you to figure out how to build the best team in the league.


Each franchise is allowed a roster limit of 15 players. Each team can have any combination of positions included on their roster, with a maximum of 3 QB’s. There is no injured reserve.


The commissioner will post and email a league schedule before the start of the regular season. Each team will play each team once.  There is a 13 week regular season and a 4 week playoff schedule. The playoff format is a simple 8-team seeded tournament where Team #1 plays Team #8, etc. Each round of the playoffs the Highest Remaining Seed is matched up with the Lowest Remaining Seed.  The Championship game and consolation game is a two week matchup in Weeks 16 and 17.

The Auction:

The draft will be held on the league website Each team has $150 available to them to auction a total of 15 players. Each franchise must auction all 15 spots on their team, no exceptions. The default value for players called out in the auction is $1 and bidding must be done in $1 increments. The league site decision on bids is final. There is no trading of players during the auction and no trading of auction dollars. There are no waivers during the auction.

Starting Lineups:

Each team must turn in a starting lineup of the following positions:

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 WR//TE
1 K

Teams must have their starting lineup in place by game-time of each player’s game. There are no roster position limits.


Players score points as follows, with a decimal scoring format:

Offensive Players and Kickers:
Passing Touchdown: 4 points
Each 25 yards passing: 1 points
Any Touchdown Scored: 6 points
Receptions: 0.5 points
Each 10 yards rushing or receiving: 1 point
2-Point Conversions: 2 points
Interceptions Thrown: Minus 2 points
Fumbles Lost: Minus 2 points
Fumble Recovered for a TD:  6 points

Kickers Only:
PAT: 1 point
Missed PAT:  -1 point
Field Goal (0-39 yards:  3 points), (40-49 yards:  4 points), (50+ yards:  5 points)
Missed Field Goals (0-39 yards: -3 points), (40-49 yards: -2 points), (50+ yards: -1 point)

DEF/ST Only:
Defensive TD: 4 points
Blocked Kicks:  3 points
Blocked PAT:  1 point
Special teams scores (kickoff/punt return TD): 6 points
Safety: 5 points
Defensive TD’s:  4 points
Sack:  1 point
2 Point Return:  2 points


A team can make any trade with any other team in the league. The league trade deadline for 2018 is November 23rd.  The league website will put each trade up for a league wide poll.  The poll will be active for 24 hours from when the trade was accepted by the owners.  7 reject votes will automatically veto the trade. If after 24 hours, there are not 7 reject votes the trade will be accepted and processed by the league software.

Free Agents:

Teams can pick up as many free agents as they want each week. Waivers begin after the draft and run every day throughout the season and through the playoffs.  After this free agent draft is run, free agents can be picked up on a first come, first serve basis the rest of the week.  Players are on waivers for 1 day, during this time the waiver order is used.  This waiver order does not reset, teams that made a claim go to the bottom of the list.  The teams that have been eliminated from the playoffs are ineligible from bidding on free agents.  If teams are found to be excessively using the waiver wire to reset players, the commissioner reserves the right to take appropriate action.


After the season is over the top 8 teams in the league are eligible for the Stooges League Playoffs. Playoff seeds are determined by this:

#1: Winning %
#2: Total Points
#3: Head to Head Record
#4: Total points scored the last 3 weeks

The playoffs are a simple 8 team tournament as shown:

Team 1 vs Team 8
Team 4 vs Team 5

Team 2 vs Team 7
Team 3 vs Team 6

Each round of the playoffs the Highest Remaining Seed is matched up with the Lowest Remaining Seed.


The fee to compete in the Stooges League is $100. 100% of the money is paid back to the league in prizes. All fees must be paid to the commissioner before a team is allowed to compete. There are no transaction or any other fees required for the Stooges League. The prize structure is shown below:


The prizes are paid out as follows:

Championship Game Winner: $500
Championship Runner-Up: $300
3rd Place Winner:  $150

Playoff Seeds:

#1: $100
#2: $100
#3: $75
#4: $75
#5: $50
#6: $50

The prizes are mailed out immediately following the playoffs. This league uses LeagueSafe to collect the league fees and distribute prizes.

Final Comments:

The commissioner reserves the right to alter or change any rules in the best interests of the league. This league requires a commitment and participation from each owner. The Commissioner’s work very hard to make this one of the best fantasy football leagues on the internet, make sure to turn your lineups in according to the rules, and have fun. Any owner that violates the league rules is subject to expulsion from the league without a refund of league fees. Any owner that is deemed inappropriate to the enjoyment of the league by the commissioner’s will be subject to expulsion from the league without a refund of league fees.